Roque is a unique fine jewelry brand, that blends contemporary design with locally sourced, sustainable and quality materials. Founded in 2017 by jewelry designer Negar Khatami and stylist Michelle Addison their passion has led them to creating beautiful pieces of fine-jewelry for the everyday woman.



With a focus on details, Roque jewelry draws inspiration from architecture, mid-century modern art and the unexpected. Designed for powerful women who embody grace, strength and vulnerability their aim is to enhance the beauty of everyday life.

The Vancouver-based brand believes in versatility, classic yet bold designs that can easily be worn day to night.

Roque will be continuing to grow their collection as seasons change and  continue to experiment with fine materials and the artistic climate that Addison and Khatami invoke.

In the limited time Roque has been in existence, celebrities such as Diane Kruger and Meghan Ory have become fast fans of the brand.